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Building Inspection Preparation

The following is provided as a help to you to guide you when to call for your inspections.  When the items on these checklists are addressed your project is ready for inspection. If you have questions prior to scheduling your inspection, feel free to call the building department for clarification.  During the inspection if there are items on this list that are not complete and re-inspection is needed, you will be assessed a re-inspection fee ($100.00 commercial, $50.00 residential).  This fee will need to be paid prior to scheduling another inspection.


Prior to the first inspection have a 4’x8’ sign with the permit number and the address posted in a location that is readily visible from the road.


Footing Inspection Checklist

o      Permit and approved drawings on site.

o      Building location matches site plan.

o      Check Forms

o      Soil at bottom of footings is undisturbed or compacted

o      No water, debris or ice in trenches

o      Depth and width per plans

o      Number and location of piers or column footing per plans

o      Rebar size and placement is per plans

o      Check for reinforcing that needs to extend out of footing to tie to stem wall

o      Drainage system connection in place

o      Footings at frost depth.

o      Bottom on footing not sloped more than 1:10

o      If sloped more than 1:10 footings must be stepped.


Stem Wall Inspection Checklist

o      Permit and drawings on site.

o      Top of footing is level

o      Reinforcing extending from footing is sized and spaced per drawings.

o      Check Stem Wall Location, centered on footing

o      Check height

o      Check thickness

o      Location of pockets, embeds and sleeves, and hairpin connections to slab

o      Reinforcing size and location and clearance to forms

o      Check masonry walls for opening locations and for grout and mortar placement

o      Check sub-soil drainage system (for below grade habitable space)

o      Connection of footing drains to drainage system

o      Base and cover for footing drains

o      Open joints in drain tile are not covered.


Slab Inspection

o      Call prior to leaving to confirm ready.

o      Permit and drawings on site.

o      Check foundation damproofing and waterproofing

o      Check ground surface

o      Check Slab

o      Free of water, ice, and debris

o      Check subgrade type and thickness

o      Vapor Barrier

o      Grade beam and rebar connection

o      Thickness

o      Reinforcing size and placement, and hairpin reinforcing from foundation

o      Control Joints


Framing Inspection Checklist

o      Permit and drawings on site.

o      Check truss package is complete, stamped by North Dakota Professional Engineer

o      Check floor, roof and ceiling framing

o      Size, span and material are per drawings

o      Joist, beam and girder bearing connections are per drawing

o      Cutting, notching and holes, metal plates if  needed for nailing protection, allowable hole sizes for piping and wiring

o      Lateral bracing, blocking or bridging is in place per drawings

o      Sheathing size and nailing

o      Check wall framing per drawings

o      Header size, span and material per drawings

o      Check size, spacing and material for studs in bearing walls

o      Check braced walls, sheathing size and nailing

o      Fire blocking and draft stopping is in place per drawings

o      Check roof framing per drawings

o      Check ventilation per IRC or IBC as applicable


Insulation Inspection

o      Correct insulation R-factor installed in walls and vault & ceiling, per ResCheck or ComCheck.

o      Walls, Floor and Ceiling

o  ? No gaps

o  ? No compression

o  ? Insulation cut around obstructions

o  ? Stapling correct: no gaps, cavity filled

o  ? External channels, corners, and areas around tubs and showers insulated

o  ? Small spaces filled

o  ? Rim-joists insulated

o       All draft stops in place

o       Batts cover trusses

o       All top plates covered

o       All venting clear: minimum 1” clearance

o       Attic access insulated

o      Ceiling Blown-in

o       Bag labels cut out and stapled to truss vertical near attic access

Final Inspection Checklist


o      Address is posted min 5” lettering

o      Grading away from building

o      Window, wells check egress clearances, and depth.  Egress ladder provided if needed

o      Exterior stairs and landings.  Check rise and run and dimensions.  Check handrails.

o      Thresholds 1.5” above floor or landing (min 36”x36”, not required at top if door does  not swing over stairs).  7.75” if door does not swing over landing.

o      Pressure treated wood for wood in contact or within 18” of earth or concrete.

o      Roofing, installed per plans, no apparent leaks.

o      Roof and crawl space ventilation provided.


o      Egress doors, panic hardware, and size.

o      Safety glazing within 24” of door arc or less than 60” above tub and in tub enclosure.  Safety glass in windows at required locations

o      Bathroom ventilation provided

o      Fire extinguishers and lighted exits signs if required.

o      Sinks, tub and showers, check for caulking and leaks.

o      Stairway Illumination, (switch at top and bottom or sensor)

o      Stairs and landings.  Check rise and run and dimensions.  Check handrails.

o      Residential – Garage separation.  Firewall penetrations, taped and drywalled.  5x8 type

X for walls and for ceiling it habitable space above.

o      Smoke and CO detectors in each room and outside sleeping areas at each level.  CO detectors for gas heated units.  All interconnected.  Test for operation.

o      Water heater vent.  Check air flow with return in finished basements and clearances.

o      Clothes dryer ducts, support metal ducts min 10’.  Check path to outside, 25’ max.

o      Gas line supports.  10’ for up to ¾”.  12’ for over 1”, 6’ for up to 1.5”

o      Prior to issuance of CO, verify:

o      Electrical Inspection final, green tag.   Leo Floer 701.471.9080

o      Plumbing inspection.  Brent Beechie 701.220.4434

o      Alex Fire District, permit final sign off.  Lance Powell 701.770.1485


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