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County Finances

Services provided to the residents of McKenzie County are funded by a variety of resources including taxes on real property and mobile homes, fees for services, interest on investments, oil and gas royalty revenues and pass-throughs from state and federal agencies including the oil and gas production tax, highway tax distribution, state aid distribution, state library aid, flood control and Bankhead Jones distributions.

The county is organized into a number of funds based on the services provided to citizens.  The largest is the General Fund which includes such departments as the Auditor, Treasurer, Tax Director, Recorder and Sheriff.  Other funds include Social Services, Road & Bridge and Veterans Service.  The various departments in the General Fund and all the other funds are listed in the Final Budget report available below.

With the exception of the General Fund, revenues recieved by the "Special Revenue Funds" are restricted to use within the service area of that fund.  Moneys designated for the General Fund may be used for any purpose within the county's fiscal responsibility.

The attachments below give more details on specific topics.  McKenzie County financial and tax records are open to the public and available for viewing during regular business hours.  Questions may be addressed to the County Auditor.


2017 Final Budget

2016 Final Budget

2015 County Revenues/Expenditures

2015 Final Budget

2014 County Revenues/Expenditures

2014 Final Budget

2013 County Revenue/Expenditures

2013 Final Budget

2012 County Revenues/Expenditures

2012 Final Budget

2011 County Revenues/Expenditures

2011 Final Budget

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