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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Can other people view my public records?          
Like all public records, all property tax information is available to any individual or company that wishes to review it.

 Question : Is there a discount for early payment of taxes?         
Yes, if you pay your tax bill in full by February 15, 2017 you will receive a 5 percent discount.  The discount is calculated on your consolidated tax. Discount is not available on special assessments and drain taxes.

 Question : When are real estate tax payments due?          
Due dates for taxes in McKenzie County are as follows:  Taxes for the 1st installment are due March 1, 2017 and are considered late on March 2, 2017; taxes for the 2nd installment are due October 17, 2017 and are considered late on October 18, 2017.
If you mail your payment on time, but the Post Office fails to postmark it by the due dates, it will be considered a late payment and penalties will apply.

These due dates, along with the discount amount/date and penalties/interest are all set by ND State Law and cannot be changed by anyone in the Treasurer's Office.

 Question : When will I receive my tax bill?          
Property bills are mailed in the first part of December of each year to the owner of record as of November 1. If there is a mortgage on the property, the mortgage holder receives a copy of the tax bill. Depending when the property was transferred, new owners should contact their title company or review their closing statement to determine who is responsible for paying taxes. Unpaid taxes will continue to accrue against the property unless the bill is paid.]

Per ND State Law, failure to receive a tax statement and/or any reminder notices does not relieve the owner of the liability of paying their taxes, nor does it extend the discount period past February 15.

If you do not receive your tax bill by the first of January, please contact our office for a duplicate.

Question: Do you have to mail my taxes around Christmas time?
Yes. ND State Law requires that all property tax statements be mailed by December 26 of each year.

 Question : Will I be charged for reviewing information about my property on the web site?           
There is no charge for reviewing tax information about an individual property.
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