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COVID-19 Planning & Zoning Meeting Protocol

McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board Meeting
April 13, 2020
Public Meeting Protocol during COVID-19 Pandemic
To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 the McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board is implementing measures to limit exposure while still conducting public meetings. There are 2 methods to attend and participate during the public hearing – Via conference call, and watch via livestream. Board members and staff in person attendance will be limited. There will be no more than 2 staff present. The rest of the P&Z staff will be via conference call and livestreaming.
In Person Board Attendance
Three board members will be able to achieve a 6-foot social distance at the dais. If more than 3 board members are present they will have to sit in the audience area with a 6-foot distance separation from others. If they want to speak they will have to do so at the microphone at the podium or use one of our remote microphones.

Call in Attendance
Dial-in Number  (978)990-5181
Access Number  831-341-5

For Board Members, Staff, and the public when calling in certain protocol needs to be followed in order to make this successful we will:
1. Instruct all attendees in advance and during the meeting how to mute the phone line so we do not hear them breathing and how to unmute the line when it is their turn to talk.
2. Instruct all attendees to mute their line as soon as they dial in, without announcing themselves.
3. Staff will keep a record of the names of the people on the telephone line, beginning with a roll call when we call the meeting to order.
4. As we get to each agenda item, the chair will announce:
a.We are now beginning agenda item ###, the public hearing for the application of ____ for ____. The Planning and Zoning Director will summarize the Agenda Item.
b.We can now hear from the applicant. Who speaks for the applicant? (Hear from applicant.)
c.We will now receive comment from the Board.
d.We will now receive public comment. I will call the name of each person on the
conference line. When you hear your name, unmute your line, state your
comments, and mute your line again. Please remember that this is public
comment, and we cannot moderate questions or debate back and forth
between the public and the applicant or the board. The board will consider all
comments in making its recommendations. If your name is called and you do
not have comments, do not unmute your line. We will automatically move on to
the next name if you do not speak up. Each person’s comments should be as
concise as possible and will not go longer than two minutes without permission.
(Call each name on the roll call list. Wait about 5 seconds for them to start
talking. Time each of them to the 2 minutes and then tell them their time is up.
The next step is after all roll call names have been read.)
e.We will now receive comments from the Board.
f. We have been receiving public comment on agenda item ###, the public hearing
for the application of ___ for ___. If anyone has connected to the conference
call since the last roll call, please unmute your line, state your name, and mute
your line again. (Take roll of everyone who joined and then ask the additional
callers if they have comments about this agenda item.)
g.We will now entertain a motion from the Board. Whomever makes the motion
or seconds the motion will please identify their self. If necessary a roll call will
be taken.
5. We will not entertain comments on agenda items that have already been discussed.
They are too late.
Livestreaming Attendance
Livestreaming will be available (barring technical difficulties). Please note that Livestreaming only allows
you to see and hear the meeting. You cannot actually participate in the meeting. The link to the
Livestream is available on the McKenzie County website at:
If you want to participate you will have to call the conference call number.

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