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Processing of Physical Address Requests can take upwards to 3-4 weeks.   As of April 1 st , 2014, the County Board of Commissioners has directed the GIS Department to charge $100 per location/address for Oil and Gas Sites.   Those funds will be used to cover extra costs that are incurred by the County for these requests.   Please make checks payable to McKenzie County Treasurer and send payment to: 
McKenzie County GIS Coordinator
201 5th ST NW, Suite 705
Watford City, ND 58854 
*Credit Cards are also accepted and can be put on file for future requests*

*For Oil and Gas Address Requests: Please fill out the Oil and Gas Physical Address Request Form below*

Once payment is received the Physical Address Request can be processed.  Thank you!

GIS/Addressing/Shapefile Requests


GIS/Addressing/Shapefile Requests
201 5th Street NW
Suite 705
Watford City, ND 58854

Bonnie Foster GIS Coordinator
FAX: 701-842-2822

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