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Welcome to the Road & Bridge and  Engineering  Departments!


    All unpaved/gravel roads are at the standard posted
restrictions (6/19/24)


     Effective Monday April 22, 2024 construction will begin on 122nd Ave.  The South portion will be closed from CR 37 to 22nd Street NW until further notice.

The McKenzie County Public Works Subcommittee meets on the second Monday of each Month at 1:00 PM CT, Room 110 at the Public Works Building; unless this falls on a Holiday that the courthouse is closed on. In such an event, the meeting will be held on the following Monday.  This meeting is open to the public.

The Utility & Approach Permit packets have been updated under Permits.  Please ensure you are following the current guidelines.  We have also added a Permit Checklist to each packet.   Please email all Utility and Approach Permits to the following email address:  permits@co.mckenzie.nd.us        Updated 3/5/2024

The Following article is from the WDEA April 19, 2019 Newsletter:

Truckers Reminded of Weight Restrictions - Overweight Load Violations Can Mean Hefty Fines

It’s that time of year when rain events will cause county and township road supervisors to impose weight restrictions on roads, and unwary violators could face huge fines.

Such a case occurred this week when a fuel truck delivery driver crossed into another county where a 12,000-pound-per-axle weight limit had been imposed because overnight rain had saturated the road. The vehicle, which was carrying 3,000 gallons of fuel, was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy and initially faced a fine of $9,200. However, after learning the driver was from an adjoining county and unaware that restrictions had been imposed that morning, the overweight penalty was not enforced.

The incident serves as a reminder to truckers of the notification procedures, and the obligation of local road superintendents to alert the public that the restrictions have been put in place. Counties that are members of the LoadPass Permit System can notify trucking companies through LoadPass, which offers text alerts and email notifications to those who sign up to be notified. Counties that impose restrictions are obligated to post notice on the county’s website, and many will also issue notifications through social media. If truckers have any doubts, they can check the list of restrictions on the LoadPass site or contact the county highway department or sheriff’s office.

The restrictions apply to overweight vehicles in all industrial classes including farmers and ranchers who may be hauling equipment, fertilizer, livestock, grain or other commodities. 

Click here to see a table showing the fee schedule for overweight violations.

Please check back for updated information

Please use the following to stay up to date with any additional restrictions. 


You can also go to this site to sign up for email and/or text notifications for not only McKenzie county, but Williams, Billings, Dunn, Mountrail, and other participating counties.


Grace Demars, Engineering Director
Office: 701-444-7168

Layton Northrop, Road Superintendent
Office: 701-444-7158

Dan Vander Vorste - Right of Way (ROW) Project Manager
Cell:  701-471-4055
Tim Pickering, Permitting Specialist 
Office: 701-444-7165

Cindy Glover, Project Specialist
Office: 701.444.7164

Cassie Cullinan, Road & Bridge Specialist
Office: 701-444-7170

North Dakota Department of Transportation will give information on State Road Restrictions and 511 Information.

For assistance filling out an overweight/oversize permit, please visit ndenergy.org or call 701-566-5576. For questions on routes, or other information please call 701-444-7427. Thank you!

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