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Building Department

Welcome to the McKenzie County Building Department.  The Building Department administers and enforces the North Dakota State Code, mechanical, and the fire, life, and safety codes within the County's jurisdiction.  A permit is required for all new construction projects within the jurisdiction of McKenzie County after July 9, 2012.


The McKenzie County Building Department goal is to participate in the creation of a community where people can live safely, comfortably, and economically.


The McKenzie County Building Department reviews all plans submitted for building permits, and performs all required inspections throughout construction.

Building Permit Process

On the County website under Building Department choose Building Permit Applications. Each packet has instructions and checklists which list the required documents that will accompany your application.

Once the Building Department has reviewed the application the applicant will be notified the permit is ready for issuance. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Upon receiving the required documents the permit process will take approximately 10-15 business days.

Required Inspections:

Footings: After footings have been dug or formed and re-bar has been placed.
After forms have been set and re-bar has been placed.
Ground Plumbing:
After all piping has been installed, system is being tested, and before back-filling. Inspected by ND State Plumbing Inspector 701-391-1204
Rough Plumbing
After all drains, vents and water piping has been installed and is being tested.  Inspected by ND State Plumbing Inspector 701-391-1204
Rough Mechanical:
After vents, chimneys, heat ducts and combustion air ducts that will  not be exposed for final inspection have been installed. 
Rough Electrical:
After wire has been run and boxes, including breaker panel have been made.  Inspected by ND State Electrical Inspector 701-214-8006
After framing is complete, including the installation of doors and windows.  Before starting and brick, stone, stucco, siding, insulation, electrical, plumbing and mechanical
After insulation, except blown in attic, has been installed and foam has been applied around windows, doors, floor and ceiling penetration etc.
Fire Sprinklers:
After piping and test required by the Fire Department, when applicable.
After sheetrock has been nailed/screwed.  Before taping
After all weather barriers, flashing and wire has been installed and before brown coat has been applied.
After building is complete and ready for occupancy.  This includes grading, concrete, floor coverings, painting, caulking, house numbers in correct location and landscaping when required.  This also includes repair of replacement of damaged off-site improvements that are adjacent to your lot.

Note:   Plumbing and Electrical codes are inspected and enforced by the State of North Dakota Plumbing and Electrical boards.

ND State Electrical Inspector 701-214-8006

ND State Plumbing Inspector 701-391-1204

What Are the Required Design Criteria?

• Frost Depth – 48”
• Elevation – ±2400’
• Roof Snow load – 21 psf
• Ground Snow Load 30
• Ultimate Design Wind Speed – 115 mph, Surface Roughness C
• Seismic Design Category – A
• Air Freezing Index – 4000
• Mean Annual Temperature – 40 F
• Ice Barrier Underlayment Required – Yes
• Winter Design Temp -  Neg. 21 F

GEOTECHNICAL: Calculations for footings shall include the presumptive load bearing values contained in IBC Table 1806.2.  Where vertical pressure values greater than 1500 psf are used, a geotechnical report shall be provided to verify that the values are justified.

Posting Your Permit Number:  After you have received your building permit, it shall be kept on the job site and available at all times for inspection by building department personnel.  Additionally, your permit number should be included on a 4 foot by 8 foot sign with the project name and address.

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Building Department


Building Department
McKenzie County Building Department
1300 12TH Street SE
Ste. 214
Watford City, ND 58854

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:30pm

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