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Planning & Zoning

Zoning Application Process-

By using Citizen Engagement, a McKenzie County citizen can apply for zoning applications through the McKenzie County software. Entry into the system will require the user to apply for a login account. Once a login account is obtained the applicant may apply for the type of permit needed. Documents and plans can be uploaded and submitted through the software to the Planning and Zoning Department for any required application review. 

Instructions to create login: simply fill out the user login form completely. You will then get a verification email stating you have access to the system. To apply for any zoning applications you will need to fill out the request form and upload your application form and any associated items. The system will only accept files that are PDF, JPEG or PNG. Please keep in mind, the system has a 25MB file size limit. If your documents are larger than 25MB please apply in person at the McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Department.


The McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Department partners with the community to plan and promote a vibrant, balanced, and cohesive County for today and the future.

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for regulating the land uses that take place within McKenzie County. The department is made up of Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement. These divisions work together to provide the County with an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and healthy environment.

The Planning Division is focused on the future. Planning balances socio-economic factors, natural resources, combined with public input to promote sound and orderly development in McKenzie County.

Zoning is a tool used to provide that orderly and desired development. Different and appropriate zoning categories are used to avoid nuisances and provide a methodical plan for a healthy community to work, recreate, and live in. The McKenzie County Zoning Ordinance and Map are available for review as well as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which is a roadmap to future development.

The McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board, and ultimately the McKenzie County Commission regulate all planning and zoning matters.
The McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board meets on the second Monday of each Month; unless this falls on a Holiday that the courthouse is closed on. In such an event, the meeting will be held the following Monday. 


Curt Huus-Planning & Zoning Director

Dana Roff-Planner II/Public Relations Director

Sandee Kimpel-Planner I

Cindy Mecham-Administrative Assistant

Scott Twogood-Building Official

Todd Foster-Senior Code Enforcement

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