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Planning & Zoning

The McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Department partners with the community to plan and promote a vibrant, balanced, and cohesive County for today and the future.

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for regulating the land uses that take place within McKenzie County. The department is made up of Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement. These divisions work together to provide the County with an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and healthy environment.

The Planning Division is focused on the future. Planning balances socio-economic factors, natural resources, combined with public input to promote sound and orderly development in McKenzie County.

Zoning is a tool used to provide that orderly and desired development. Different and appropriate zoning categories are used to avoid nuisances and provide a methodical plan for a healthy community to work, recreate, and live in. The McKenzie County Zoning Ordinance and Map are available for review as well as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which is a roadmap to future development.

The McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board, and ultimately the McKenzie County Commission regulate all planning and zoning matters.



The McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board meets on the second Monday of each Month; unless this falls on a Holiday that the courthouse is closed on. In such an event, the meeting will be held the following Monday. 

When submitting applications, please be sure to include all agency comments that are required on the development checklist. Also please note that this checklist is updated periodically, so make sure you have the most current one to ensure all required material is included in your application, incomplete applications will not be accepted.    



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