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Training for First Responders

The purpose of this page is to share training information 
either online or throughout McKenzie County for First Responders. 
FEMA training is available online at:  https://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.aspx 
North Dakota Department of Emergency Services also offers training usually at no cost.  For more information:   http://www.nd.gov/des/events/
TRANSCAER® has developed a brand new video series to provide responders with FREE “digestible” short training videos dealing with a variety of hazardous materials transportation response training topics.
North Dakota Firefighter's Association Trainings:  
North Dakota EMS Association Conferences

Pipeline Association for Public Awareness: 

If you are looking for a specialized training that is not listed, please contact Karolin Jappe.
701.444.7483 or kjappe@co.mckenzie.nd.us

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