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Welcome to the McKenzie County Landfill.  

13240 25th St. NW
Arnegard, ND 58835

Mailing and Billing:
ATTN: Landfill
1300 12th St SE
Suite 245
Watford City, ND 58854

The McKenzie County Landfill is located 6 miles west of Watford City on Hwy. 85 then 2 miles south on 132nd Ave NW, turn west on 25th St and you will see the yellow gates on your left.  

No Hunting or Trespassing in the McKenzie County Landfill

Notice: All customers are required to follow State and Federal dumping regulations, failure to follow State and Federal dumping regulations can result in fines assessed.

Hours of Operation:

7 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday
Closed: Weekends and Holidays

No loads will be accepted after 5:00.

Slow down while you are driving around the facility. There are many moving machines and people walking around. You will receive a $25 fee if you set off the speed alarms. 
The posted speed in the facility is 10 mph and 3 mph on the scale.

Battery Disposal Special Reminder
Please do not dispose of any Lithium Batteries in your regular household garbage.
This includes, but not limited to, car batteries, phone batteries, equipment batteries, any rechargeable electronic battery, and handheld power tool batteries.
When batteries come into the landfill mixed with garbage they tend to start small fires. Our staff is trained to notice the starting signs of fires in order to safely put them out before needed emergency personnel.
We take Lithium Batteries FREE of charge during normal business hours. Please help us maintain a safe environment and properly dispose of Lithium Batteries.

We have partnered with Call2Recycle in the hopes of providing the community a responsible way to recycle their rechargeable batteries! We currently have recycling boxes set up at the following locations;
McKenzie County Landfill
McKenzie County Courthouse
McKenzie County Library
McKenzie County Law Enforcement Center
Please bring your wet-cell batteries to the Landfill or give us a call to talk about how to dispose of them properly. Wet-cell batteries are the batteries that sound like they have water in them if you shake them.



Billing Address:
McKenzie County
ATTN: Landfill
1300 12th St SE
Suite 245
Watford City, ND 58854

Physical Address:
13240 25th St NW
Arnegard, ND 58835

General Inquiries and Disposal Rates

Maurine Davenport
Landfill Accounts Payable

Richard W. (Rick) Schreiber Solid Waste Director

McKenzie County

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