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Welcome to the McKenzie County Landfill.

The McKenzie County Landfill is located 6 miles west of Watford City on Hwy. 85 then 2 miles south on 132nd Ave NW.  

No Hunting or Trespassing in the McKenzie County Landfill

Notice: All customers are required to follow State and Federal dumping regulations, failure to follow State and Federal dumping regulations can result in fines assessed.

Hours of Operation:

7 AM - 3:00 PM 
Monday - Friday
Closed: Saturday and Sunday
Gates close at 3:30 PM
No loads accepted after 3:00 sharp, this has always been the case
Closed on Sundays and holidays.
There will be a $500 fee assessed on any loads that are rejected and reloaded per the BOCC's.
Loader fees are still in effect at $100
A $25 fee will be issued to vehicles that set off the over-speed alarm while entering and exiting the scale. 

Please Note:
The McKenzie County Landfill is currently one of the top five landfills in the state for inbound tonnage. Please follow these notes and guidelines to make your visit run smoothly. 
  • Please review the link 'New Landfill Policy' for updated information regarding payment at the landfill. Thank You!
  • The new scale is operational. All inbound trash will be charged based on tonnage and new rates apply. Please see the Landfill Fees & Regulations Link for more information. 
  • All loads entering the McKenzie County Landfill must be secured or tarped. There is a $40 fee for loads that come to the landfill unsecured or untarped.
  • Please slow down when entering or exiting the scale.  Any vehicles that set off the speed alarm will be issued a $25 fee.  
  • Enter the scale house from the east door .  The west door is for employees only. 
  • Inbound customers do not need to enter the scale house. If you need your ticket please pull off of the scale and enter the scale house when you are outbound
  •  Pull all the way to the speaker located on the driver's side of your vehicle. The scale coordinator will talk to you there.
  • All loads must be in the gate by 3:00pm and the landfill is closed at 3:30pm sharp. Loads must be in the gate by 3:00 so we can cover the trash for the day. If the gate is closed please do not drive by it. It is closed for a reason.
  • Filter sock fines have increased to $1000 per sock regardless of numbers. For example, if you bring in 50 socks you will receive a $50,000 fine.  
  • We use state of the art, Lundlum radiation detection equipment to make sure no radioactive waste makes it into our facility. If you set the radiation meter off the load will be rejected on the spot and we will notify the Williston and Dickinson landfills along with the State Department of Health. 
  • All activities are on video surveillance.
  • There will be a $10 additional charge, per ton, for any waste coming into this facility from outside McKenzie County as approved by the Board of County Commissioners. Patrons of the landfill will need to show proof that the waste was generated in our County. If they cannot, they will pay the additional charges.

  • We do not accept out of state checks.

We now accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER cards. There is a processing fee for this convenience paid to the credit card company, not McKenzie County. 

If you have questions about what you can bring and what we can take visit the Landfill Fees & Regulations Link.  



Billing Address:
201 5th St NW
Suite 1221
Watford City, ND 58854

Physical Address:
2491 132nd Avenue NW
Arnegard, ND 58835

Maurine Davenport
Scale Operator/Landfill Accounts Payable

Richard W. (Rick) Schreiber Solid Waste Director

McKenzie County

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