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Landfill Rates

Landfill Rates

We accept Cash, Check, or Card

Minimum for Non-Commercial Haulers
(under 800 lbs.)

$20.00 flat
Construction, Commercial Business, Campers 2 and Household Waste

$45.00 ton
Inert (cut into 4' sections)
Flex Steel, HDPE, Polly, Concrete 1
$40.00 ton
Commercial Hauler Minimum
(under 3300lbs)

$75.00 flat
Mobile Homes and Campers 2
(unable to fit on scale)
All Mobile Homes and Campers require a scheduled drop off time. Contact the landfill 24 hours before desired day.

$500.00 each

Metal 3
(non-refrigerant containing appliances,
recyclable metals, pipe, law mowers,etc.)

$20.00 ton

Freon Appliances 4  12.50 Each

Deceased Animals 5
(horse, cow, sheep, goat, deer, dog, cat, etc.)
All Animals require a scheduled drop off time.
Contact the landfill 4 hours before desired time to dump.

$15.00 each
D.O.T. Weight Verification
$15.00 each
$15.00 ton
E- Waste Min (Under 800lbs) $20.00 Flat 
Wood (no trash)
$20.00 flat

Tires by Ton
$200.00 ton
Tractor Tire - Large
$200.00 each
Equipment - Skid Steer Track
$100.00 each
Semi-Truck Tire
$25.00 each
Passenger Vehicle Tire
$7.50 each

Waste oil and Lithium Batteries,

1. Flex Steel, HDPE, Polly, and Concrete needs to be broke into manageable size pieces for the landfill equipment. The largest size concrete pieces that can be processed are about the size of a basketball. Polly, HDPE, and Flex Steel need to be cut down to 4' sections.

2. Campers and Mobile Homes must have an empty black water tank all appliances removed. Appliances include, but not limited to, hot water heater, refrigerator, stove, AC, microwave etc. You must schedule a drop off time 24 hours before coming to the landfill.

3. Absolutely no Metal can go into the Municipal Cell mixed with your garbage. If you drive off and leave metal behind expect to have a metal fee added to your bill. All lawn equipment needs to be emptied of hazardous liquids like gas, oil, kerosene, diesel, etc.

4. All food waste must be emptied out of your fridge or freezer before dumping it on the PDA. Rotten food becomes hazardous after a period of time.

5. All animals brought into the landfill must be secured to the vehicle or trailer. If you are bringing an animal please be courteous to the other community members and cover the animal as best as possible.  You must schedule a drop off time 4 hours before coming to the landfill.



Billing Address:
McKenzie County
ATTN: Landfill
1300 12th St SE
Suite 245
Watford City, ND 58854

Physical Address:
13240 25th St NW
Arnegard, ND 58835

Rick Schreiber
Solid Waste Director

Jason Meadows
Operation Supervisor
Landfill Accounts Payable

General Inquiries and Rates
Office: 701.586.3445
Fax: 701.586.3911

McKenzie County

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