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Landfill Regulations

The McKenzie County Landfill is a Title 5 Subtitle D  Sanitary Household Facility.

We are regulated by the state and federal government.

Regulations are listed out in Guideline 42 and on the State Website or numerous EPA websites.    

We do not accept any kind of Hazardous Material. If a load is brought in with hazardous items, such as chemicals, sludge's, crude, radioactivity, pesticides, fertilizers, etc... the McKenzie County Landfill has the right to reject the load and apply the appropriate fines listed below.  


As of July 21, 2021, the McKenzie County Landfill will no longer accept tarps or liners from oil and gas industries. Over the years the landfill has tried to work with companies to assist with the disposal of the tarps and liners, but more prohibited waste has been found concealed inside the tarps and liners over the past few months. Not all companies are attempting to hide the prohibited wastes such as radiation, invert, oil or contaminated products, but there are a few out there that have forced the landfill to implement this new policy.

Major Incidents like contaminated loads, loads containing powdered chemicals or liquids/gels of any kind will be rejected and loaded back into the Haulers container. Depending on the severity and amount dumped the Hauler may be subjected up to a $10,000 fine. 

Dumping Privileges will be revoked till this fine is paid in full


Just like any other incident all state paperwork will be filed and documented at the facility.

Minor Infractions due to mixed loads include:

Buckets with Lids, Whole Chemical Barrels, P.I.G.s and Hoses larger than 3 inch.

Will be removed by hauler. Or faced with a $25 fee and required to return to gather waste.

Filter Socks & Pit Liners - $10,000.00 Per Incident

Loader Fee - $50.00 Each

Metal Fee - $240.00 Each

Rejected Load - $1,000.00 Each

Filter Socks / Pit liner Fee - $10,000 

Concrete needs to be broken down to basketball size pieces with all metal removed.

Wood, Pipe, Trees, Culvert, Power Poles, HDPE, Flex Steel, Polly etc. will be accepted after it is cut down to 4-foot sections.

Rig mats will be accepted after all metal is removed and they are cut down into 4-foot sections and if it is not radioactive or covered in oil / invert.  



Billing Address:
McKenzie County
ATTN: Landfill
1300 12th St SE
Suite 245
Watford City, ND 58854

Physical Address:
13240 25th St NW
Arnegard, ND 58835

Rick Schreiber
Solid Waste Director

Jason Meadows
Operation Supervisor
Landfill Accounts Payable

General Inquiries and Rates
Office: 701.586.3445
Fax: 701.586.3911

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