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Duties of the CountyAuditor include:

  • Clerk of the board of county commissioners, keeping all books required to be kept by the board
  • Chief Financial Officer of the County, handling all aspects of the County=s financial dealings, including payroll, payment of bills, payout of taxes collected for other taxing districts, preparation of financial statements, and budget control
  • Maintaining all documents and records required to be deposited and kept in the Auditor's office
  •  Oversee the budget process and calculate tax levies from the county budgets approved by the Board of Commissioners and from certificates from taxing districts such as schools, cities, townships and fire districts
  • Oversee the delinquent tax process
  • County Election Administrator
  • Review and update insurance coverages
  • Issue beer and liquor licenses and bingo and raffle permits as approved by the Commissioners
  • Distribute Game & Fish licenses
  • Maintain an inventory of fixed assets
  • Verify Treasurer's daily cash balance
  • Maintain copies of the official newspaper as a public record
  • Serves as the secretary of the County Park Board

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