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Past Auditors

The first McKenzie County Auditor, Mr. B.W. Dimmick, was appointed by Governor Sarles, and served two terms.  The term of office at that time was only 2 years.  During his tenure the County was organized into school districts, Commissioner districts and townships.

Mr. O.P. Benson was elected in 1908 and took office in April of 1909.  He served five terms, until April of 1919 when H.H. Johnson succeeded to office and served four years.

Mr. Arne G. Tollefson was elected in the November 1922 election, took office in April of 1923 and served as McKenzie County Auditor for 38 years.

His successor was Christ G. Wehrung, who served from April 1961 until retiring after 30 years on March 31, 1991.  During his tenure, the term of a county officer was changed to 4 years.

Mrs. Frances M. Olson took office on April 1, 1991 and served until March 31, 2011.  During her tenure, computer technology became a way of life in the courthouse.  In addition to the main frame for financial, payroll and taxes, nearly every employee had access to a personal computer.  Emails kept the staff, officials and commissioners more connected than ever.  This website was developed to help keep the McKenzie County residents informed about their county government.

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